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Edmond Jones Jr -- a Founding Partner at Jones Legacy Media, is a highly skilled and Billboard-charting music producer hailing from the heart of New York City, boasting over two decades of experience in the music industry. A proud UCLA graduate with a B.S. in Business Law, Edmond has made significant contributions to various music genres, including R&B, Pop/Rock, Urban Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Gospel music. Beyond his musical prowess, he has successfully ventured into the realms of scriptwriting for TV/Film and acting.

In the realm of acting, Edmond's journey led him through multiple films and TV shows, starting as an extra and later securing a U5 role on All My Children for a significant nine-month period. This opportunity provided him with a unique vantage point to observe and absorb the intricacies of the entertainment industry, gaining insights from producers, directors, actors, writers, script editors, crew members, and makeup artists to craft services. While on the set of ABC's soap opera, All My Children, Edmond not only immersed himself in this rich environment but also took the initiative to write his first teleplay. This transformative experience fueled his passion for music production, songwriting, and teleplay creation, propelling him into an ambitious pursuit of success.

Edmond's creative journey has evolved to encompass a thriving music career, wherein he crafts compositions for television, film, and advertising jingles. Simultaneously, he remains steadfast in his commitment to teleplay writing and the development of TV shows. His flair as a versatile producer enables him to navigate seamlessly across the entertainment arena. Edmond continues to build upon his multi-talented legacy through his contributions to Jones Legacy Media, cementing his position as a dynamic force in the industry.

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Joe Shipley Jr -- is a Founding Partner of Jones Legacy Media who’s a Writer and Creative Producer for film and television, specializing in genres such as Drama, Crime, Action, and Comedy. He’s a Philadelphia-born native and a Clarion University of PA graduate with a B.S. in Communications.


Joe found his passion for writing during one of the most challenging times in his life. He discovered writing screenplays to overcome this rough patch, which became an outlet to release the stress. Writing became a beacon of light as he pulled himself out of a dark, difficult time early on in his life. After reading a few books on writing scripts, Joe completed his very first screenplay. He let a few acquaintances read it and received positive feedback from them, who then spread the word about his work. It quickly became a popular piece amongst his peers, leaving them craving to read more work. Joe found his niche and nurtured his talent for writing screenplays and teleplays.


Joe also produced music for local acts in Philadelphia, North Carolina, and New York under the urban music genre. He was a host for a local TV show and worked as a TV show editor and a DP/cameraman. With unrelenting exposure to film, television, and music, Joe has become one of the finest architects in storytelling and continues his rising legacy with Jones Legacy Media.

FUN FACT:  Edmond Jones Jr  and Joe Shipley Jr are 1st cousins.  Both were born the same year in December, 4 days apart.  

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